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2030-01-22 03:33 am

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This journal is now closed. Thank you for visiting, but the time for stories has passed.
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2016-10-05 05:03 pm

Dear Hockey Holidays Writer

Hello writer! I am so excited to see the thing you write! I'm pretty easy to please, and I am so hard up for all the things that I will consume the fic as soon as it's in my vicinity. Basically, I want your words on my desk now, please.

Some general likes include friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, roadtrips, raising kids together, post-apocalyptic rebuilding, dom/sub relationships, possessive behavior, magical realisim, canon divergence,

General dislikes include scat/watersports, death of main characters, werewolves, genderswap, career-ending injuries, infidelity.

Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin

My OTP by far. I love them so much. Geno is my forever girl. I love that he's still so resilient after everything he's been through, still so caring and open to literal strangers when he has no real reason to be. Hes goofy and willing to adopt stray cats and pay people's medical bills and be a Good Guy whenever the opportunity presents itself. And Sid, who has also been through so much strife, but still gives his everything to the sport, who could be cocky about his skill, but chooses to be humble and use his talent to bolster his team. I love seeing Sid broken down to his components. He's not just talent. He works hard, at everything he does and still finds ways to improve, and that's a character trait that speaks volumes. I'm not going to lie, the fic I want most in the world is the fic set during the first Canada/Soviet Union games. There was a show about those games told from the POV of the Russian team, and it was gut wrenching. I want Geno in the Russian housing, forced to be the Best For His Country and out through the terrible conditions and Sid, the heart of the game, who is displeased with his team's brutal gameplay against the team that can really match them in skill, if only they'd actually play the game right. If you're not down with researching Soviet Russia, I am also here for all the baby raising stories, all the overcoming language/culture barriers stories, all the old married stories. I've read them pining a billion times. If they're not Soviet versus Canada, I want them already living their happily ever after. They deserve it. You know what else I'm here for? Sid domming the hell out of Geno. Do I love a good story where Sid is ~overcome with his ~need for all the dick? Yes, yes I do. But he's actually really good at knowing what people need, and I would love the story about how he takes care of Geno, how he hurts him to love him and how he puts him back together. Geno's got a lot of emotional baggage. Sid can help him sort it.

Evgeni Malkin/Marc-Andre Flurey

We have already established that Geno is my  boy. But Flower is tiny and and precious and so damn good-natured that I can't help but love him as well. What I really, really want? Rookies in love, because I always want rookies in love. Flower, struggling to stay in the show, Geno, struggling with his place on the team. Them bonding over English as a second language, them bonding over culture shock, them pranking each other and laughing together and becoming confidant in their own bodies and own game. I'd love the exploration of their cultures. We see a lot of ham-fisted Russian culture shoved into fic, some relevant some not, but French Canadians are also an entirely different culture than other Canadians. I'd love homesick Flower teaching Geno about the way things are at home, would love to see him teaching Geno Quebecios and laughing about it when Geno realises that the French Flower's taught him isn't the French that's used all around the world. Geno, who wears his heart on his sleeve at all times, being there and understanding Flower's moments of sadness when he's let the team down. Geno gets angry, Flower gets sad, and together they manage to find a way to cope. Tl;Dr version: Flower and Geno are special cupcakes and I want them to teach each other about their own special cupcake pan. Or something. (A note about Vero, who is beautiful and clearly the better half in this relationship: unless there is something she knows and approves and is part of, I'd rather her not be involved. If you're down with tiny Vero being like, 'yes, hit that and report back' I am as well. But I'd rather her written out if not. Infidelity is not my jam.)

Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal

Jeff Skinner: tiny ice dancer. He's precious and adorable. And I love the Staals as an entity. How did all the children end up in the NHL? Magic. Jordy is a personal favorite to show up and be a menace, if that's info you need. I really, really love the dynamic between the two of them. Eric, so used to being an older brother and a Captain (shut up, he's still the Cap) that he maybe misses the cues Jeff's sending his way, and Jeff, a fucking figure skater that laughs about everything and works hard to keep his place. My favorite thing for these two? Step-dad Jeff. Oh my God, give me all the things about Jeff learning how to raise a child, all the things about him and child ~bonding and Eric being weak to it. Give me Eric having age angst and Jeff not caring. Give me the fic where Eric's worried that his multiple children will scare Jeff off, and Jeff is willing to just let the kids pile on top of him and love them. You don't have to give me kid fic for this, but I really want kid fic for this.

After all that, the Tl:Dr version is: gimme gimme gimme, I want all your words.
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2016-10-04 08:18 am

Dear Yuletide Goat

Dear Yuletide Author,

I am so excited to see what you write! Yuletide is my favorite time of year and I'm always up early to read whatever lands in my greedy, greedy hands. I'm pretty easy to please, and will probably love everything.

Some general likes include friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, roadtrips, raising kids together, post-apocalyptic rebuilding, dom/sub relationships, possessive behavior, magical realisim, canon divergence.

General dislikes include scat/watersports, death of main characters, werewolves, genderswap.

Ender Series - Bean, Ender Wiggin

I loved this series. I loved the main book and I loved the story as told by Bean and I loved Bean's backstory, too. I do ship them, all weirdness included, but I'm happy to have gen pieces during battle school. I especially loved that Bean found solace in sleeping in Ender's quarters. They're such serious characters with the literal weight of humanity and the world on their shoulders, and I love everything about that.

Big Wolf on Campus - Tommy Dawkins, Merton Dingle

I cut my teeth on this fandom. It was one of my first loves. I remember Jen's website from way back in the day, pink layout and pattern cursor and all. Merton was maybe one of my first crushes. He was so weird and completely fine with being weird and was loyal to a fault, all his 'go after him instead of me' posturing aside. And Tommy was just as loyal. They needed each other to survive in their own ways and I really loved everything about them together. I am so very weak for first time stories between them and even more weak for visions of the future with them raising their brood of children. I'd kill for the story where they go on a road trip during summer break, or after school ends, or a story about their lives with a fussy baby in the house. I ship them so hard it hurts.

The Fosters- Brandon Foster, Jesus Foster 

Ugh, this show is terrible and everyone makes bad life choices all the time and I can't not watch the train wreck of their lives. I've asked for it before and I'll ask for it again: the fic I want from this terrible TV show is the one where Brandon fell in love with Jesus instead of Callie. What's the difference with them actually growing up together? Does Brandon make any sort of better judgement calls when Callie's particular brand of drama isn't in the mix? Or does he still make stupid choices because Jesus is also bad at being responsible and thinking things through? Gimme gimme gimme.

Stranger Things- Johnathan Byers, Will Byers, Steve Harrington

I love Johnathan. I want to Pat his head and feed him and tell him it's all going to be okay. I loved the relationship between him and Will, and I loved that Will used the song his brother, who loves him very deeply, gave him as a coping mechanism. I'd love a pre-series look at their life, of Johnathan making the choice to try to make Will's life less shitty than his own was, or maybe how Will sees his brother, who is his hero, and how it's different from the angry, incredibly sad boy we're shown in canon. Alternatively, if sibling bonding isn't your bag, I am also here for all the antagonistic hate hooking up between Johnathan and Steve. Steve slumming it because he can, Johnathan just so damn touch hungry he doesn't care that he gets punched as much as he gets kissed. Ugh, all the fic for this please.

Washington Capitals RPF- Alexander Ovechkin, Niklas Backstrom, TJ Oshie

Ovi is this larger than life, no fucks given, shit stirring loud mouth and I love him and everything he's about. I want all the stories about him being awesome. I want the story of mama Ovi, who is amazing in her own right, instilling his sense of hard work into him. I want the story where he (finally) gets the Cup he deserves and brings it to visit his brother's grave in a sign of thanks. I want the story about where his goofing off melts into his steel hard resolve. I mean, I also want the story where he and Niklas are team dads together, or regular child dads together, or the story of how they made it easier for TJ to transition from the Blues and just kind of swept him off his feet kicking and screaming into their little world. Tl;Dr: gimme all the stories with Ovi, please and thank you.

I'm so excited to see what you come up with author!
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2016-04-26 05:48 pm

Dear Not Prime Time Author

Hi! I'm super excited for whatever you have planned for me. I already love it. Here's some details about general and specific likes.

Likes: Happy endings, roadtrips, domestic scenes, kid fic, pining, hurt/comfort, negotiating/acting out/aftercare for BDSM, pwps, post-apocalypse worlds, mentoring, unequal partnerships, dubcon, magical realism

Dislikes: Character death, non-con, A/B/O, animal transformation, watersports, scat.

Hockey RPF Evgeni Malkin, Artemi Panarin, Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby

I love how dedicated each one of these players are and how they each wear star status differently. I love serious but still funny Jonny, emotional and steadfast Geno, sly and shy and prankster Artemi, awkward but fiercely loyal Sid. I'd be happy with any combination of the four.

Geno and Artemi bonding during the World Cup, each happy with the relationship that forms and nervous for how there country will receive them? Jonny and Artemi drunkenly hooking up after a win? Geno and Jonny coming together because the men they want don't want them? Jonny visiting Sid and Geno and becoming their third partner? All four of them getting together at the World Cup for reasons of plot?

James Bond Q, James Bond

Q is such a fascinating character and Craig brought so much to Bond in terms of backstory and emotional depth. I love that both of them are so fiercely independent yet both so clearly in need of a hug. I love that they come together with their flaws and manage to fit the edges together, even its rocky. I prefer that Q is as badass as Bond, because he really, really is.

I'm happy with whatever direction you'd like to take this. Bond and Q frantic because their lives aren't guaranteed, Bond and Q spending a day in, Q being the seducer of Bond for a change. Absolutely anything.

Dexter Dexter Morgan, Debra Morgan, Brian Moser

Dexter has such a strange view of family, and I don't see how he could have anything but. I'd like an exploration of what family- parents and siblings and his wife and children- means to him, how it's become twisted. I'm open to incest with either sibling, but am perfectly happy with a gen piece of that's not your jam. I'd like to see what happened when Dexter ran off with Brian, what could have happened if Debra shared his dark passenger instead of being afraid of it, what happened when Dexter AND Debra ran off with Brian, living the lives of killers.

Thank you again and I can't wait to read it!
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2016-02-08 02:13 pm

Dear Ship Swap Writer

Thank you already for whatever you write! I'm excited to read it!

Some general likes: domesticity, post-apocalypse rebuilding, BDSM, dubcon, pining, relationship of convenience, kid fic, PWP, magical realism, slice of life, on and on. I love tropes, especially when they're played straight.

General dislikes: major character death, angst for angst's sake, scat/watersports, ooc characteristics when dealing with a romantic partner, villanizing canonical female relationships.

And some specifics about my requests:

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clint Barton/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

Oh, man, they're all so broken in different but similar ways. The thing I love best in MCU fic is the way they manage to pick each other up. They might not help in the right ways, but their hearts are in the right places. Whether you'd like to do this as two are together and they fold in the third, or if you'd like to write them all together already, or them getting together, I am happy all the way. I'm a big fan of Clint Barton, ultimate sub. JSYK. Domesticity, being bad asses together. Whatever, man. Just put them on my screen please.

Shameless (US), Lip Gallagher/Ian Gallagher

This is in fact my Shameless OTP. They're presented as super close, even when they fight. I love their relationship and how easily they slot together, even with their differing ideas. I'd love to see them together in the fallout of Mickey, or a divergence in canon where they get together after/during Kash, or anything really. Does Lip have incest guilt? Does Ian? Does it fall into the general "we're fucked, so it doesn't matter what we do anyway?" mentality? I don't know. Tell me!

Criminal Minds, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

Spencer is one of my favorite characters in any canon. He's intelligent and vulnerable, but he can still kick ass with the rest of them. I'm really not a fan of making him into a woobie, so if you could avoid that I would appreciate it. I like the way Hotch shows his respect for Ried, and the way Ried looks up to him, and the trust between them. I also love absolutely anything involving the two of them interacting with Jack. Give me kid fic, or domestic fic, or "holy shit, you were hot dealing with that case" fic, or awkward getting together fic. All of them. Any of them. I will be so pleased.
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2015-10-18 04:14 pm

Dear Yuletide Writer

I'm so excited to see what you have in store for me!

General likes: Dystopian aus, hurt/comfort, dubcon, post-apocalyptic rebuilding/life after the apocalypse, BDSM, tackling mental illness, kid fic, fix-its.

General dislikes: Non-con, angst for the sake of angst, major character death.

Breakfast Club, John Bender/Brian Johnson:

I really love both characters. They're both broken in such complimentary ways, and I enjoy seeing that contrast between them. I also really like when writers deal with how having a homosexual relationship in the 80s was very different from having one now. I'm up for anything with them, with a particular fondness for getting together/having a secret relationship and the fallout of that/what they do when they graduate. As always, dealing with the aftermath of the apocalypse is also on the table. Because I'm easy.

Buzzfeed: The Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang/Keith Habersberger:

Keith's muppet face. I enjoy the Try Guys because they're so nonstereotypicaly masculine and endlessly comfortable with the sheer number of times they've seen each other naked for the camera. I want so, so badly for the story of how Eugene and Keith hooked up during the filming of testing the legal blood alcohol limit, but am also up for anything else involving them. They both have such great senses of humor, and I'd like to see that translated. Or, alternatively, filming the apocalypse. Because what else are they going to do?

Big Wolf on Campus, Tommy Dawkins/Merton Dingle:

This was one of my first ever fandoms and I still love it dearly. Merton's such a little weirdo, but embraces in a way that's not really shown often. And as much as he throws Tommy under the bus to the bad guy of the week, he literally threw himself in front of the medusa to stop it from hurting Tommy because he's an incredible guy. I love the show's weird humor and Tommy and Merton's affection for each other. I'd like to see something different with them? Merton being the aggressor in the relationship, Tommy being the one too late to confess his feelings, Merton having some sort of experience already. Hurt/comfort is basically this show's bag, and I'm up for all of it.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Patrick/Charlie Kelmeckis:

I don't know how many times I read this book as a teenager. I always wanted more about the doomed relationship between Patrick and Charlie. Charlie's got such an interesting voice and reasoning for the things he does. I'd like to see Patrick's view on the short time they messed around, how he feels when he realizes that Charlie just didn't know how to say no. Or the story retold, where instead of being in love with Sam from the start, Charlie was in love with Patrick. How would that change things? I prefer optimistic, if realistic, endings over just angst, but am excited for anything
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2013-04-15 01:51 pm

Fic for Sale

It's that time again. That time where I beg you for money because I have none, and those of you that have stuck around through the lockdown and ongoing are some of the best people that I've met on the internet.

Recently, I was laid off from my job, and am having an incredibly hard time finding work. I'm offering:

Printed photographs (portfolio can been seen at either my website or my photo tumblr. Prices will vary by size. Let me know what size you'd be looking for and we can discuss.

Copies of my book. $5 for a PDF/e-book, $12 plus shipping for a hardcopy.

And the only thing you guys actually want, fic. For every $1 dollar, I'll write you 100 words of whatever your little dark heart desires. Spend more than $5, and I'll double whatever that is ($5 gets you 1,000, $10 gets you 2,000). Fandoms include Bandom, Teen Wolf, Big Wolf on Campus, Glee, Twilight, Inception, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Others if you ask.

If you're interested, either leave a comment below or email me at stealingdecember (at) I am both so incredibly thankful and sorry about the lockdown. I know there's some stuff in the archives that people miss.

Thank you, guys. ♥
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2013-02-09 03:30 pm

(no subject)

Hey, guys.

I'll be at the following FOB shows if you want to say hi/need a ride between gigs.

5/14 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
5/16 - Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
5/21 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
5/22 - Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore
5/24 - Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
5/25 - Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
5/26 - Boston, MA @ House of Blues
6/29 - Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room at Old National Centre