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Dear Yuletide Author,

I am so excited to see what you write! Yuletide is my favorite time of year and I'm always up early to read whatever lands in my greedy, greedy hands. I'm pretty easy to please, and will probably love everything.

Some general likes include friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, roadtrips, raising kids together, post-apocalyptic rebuilding, dom/sub relationships, possessive behavior, magical realisim, canon divergence.

General dislikes include scat/watersports, death of main characters, werewolves, genderswap.

Ender Series - Bean, Ender Wiggin

I loved this series. I loved the main book and I loved the story as told by Bean and I loved Bean's backstory, too. I do ship them, all weirdness included, but I'm happy to have gen pieces during battle school. I especially loved that Bean found solace in sleeping in Ender's quarters. They're such serious characters with the literal weight of humanity and the world on their shoulders, and I love everything about that.

Big Wolf on Campus - Tommy Dawkins, Merton Dingle

I cut my teeth on this fandom. It was one of my first loves. I remember Jen's website from way back in the day, pink layout and pattern cursor and all. Merton was maybe one of my first crushes. He was so weird and completely fine with being weird and was loyal to a fault, all his 'go after him instead of me' posturing aside. And Tommy was just as loyal. They needed each other to survive in their own ways and I really loved everything about them together. I am so very weak for first time stories between them and even more weak for visions of the future with them raising their brood of children. I'd kill for the story where they go on a road trip during summer break, or after school ends, or a story about their lives with a fussy baby in the house. I ship them so hard it hurts.

The Fosters- Brandon Foster, Jesus FosterĀ 

Ugh, this show is terrible and everyone makes bad life choices all the time and I can't not watch the train wreck of their lives. I've asked for it before and I'll ask for it again: the fic I want from this terrible TV show is the one where Brandon fell in love with Jesus instead of Callie. What's the difference with them actually growing up together? Does Brandon make any sort of better judgement calls when Callie's particular brand of drama isn't in the mix? Or does he still make stupid choices because Jesus is also bad at being responsible and thinking things through? Gimme gimme gimme.

Stranger Things- Johnathan Byers, Will Byers, Steve Harrington

I love Johnathan. I want to Pat his head and feed him and tell him it's all going to be okay. I loved the relationship between him and Will, and I loved that Will used the song his brother, who loves him very deeply, gave him as a coping mechanism. I'd love a pre-series look at their life, of Johnathan making the choice to try to make Will's life less shitty than his own was, or maybe how Will sees his brother, who is his hero, and how it's different from the angry, incredibly sad boy we're shown in canon. Alternatively, if sibling bonding isn't your bag, I am also here for all the antagonistic hate hooking up between Johnathan and Steve. Steve slumming it because he can, Johnathan just so damn touch hungry he doesn't care that he gets punched as much as he gets kissed. Ugh, all the fic for this please.

Washington Capitals RPF- Alexander Ovechkin, Niklas Backstrom, TJ Oshie

Ovi is this larger than life, no fucks given, shit stirring loud mouth and I love him and everything he's about. I want all the stories about him being awesome. I want the story of mama Ovi, who is amazing in her own right, instilling his sense of hard work into him. I want the story where he (finally) gets the Cup he deserves and brings it to visit his brother's grave in a sign of thanks. I want the story about where his goofing off melts into his steel hard resolve. I mean, I also want the story where he and Niklas are team dads together, or regular child dads together, or the story of how they made it easier for TJ to transition from the Blues and just kind of swept him off his feet kicking and screaming into their little world. Tl;Dr: gimme all the stories with Ovi, please and thank you.

I'm so excited to see what you come up with author!


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