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I'm so excited to see what you have in store for me!

General likes: Dystopian aus, hurt/comfort, dubcon, post-apocalyptic rebuilding/life after the apocalypse, BDSM, tackling mental illness, kid fic, fix-its.

General dislikes: Non-con, angst for the sake of angst, major character death.

Breakfast Club, John Bender/Brian Johnson:

I really love both characters. They're both broken in such complimentary ways, and I enjoy seeing that contrast between them. I also really like when writers deal with how having a homosexual relationship in the 80s was very different from having one now. I'm up for anything with them, with a particular fondness for getting together/having a secret relationship and the fallout of that/what they do when they graduate. As always, dealing with the aftermath of the apocalypse is also on the table. Because I'm easy.

Buzzfeed: The Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang/Keith Habersberger:

Keith's muppet face. I enjoy the Try Guys because they're so nonstereotypicaly masculine and endlessly comfortable with the sheer number of times they've seen each other naked for the camera. I want so, so badly for the story of how Eugene and Keith hooked up during the filming of testing the legal blood alcohol limit, but am also up for anything else involving them. They both have such great senses of humor, and I'd like to see that translated. Or, alternatively, filming the apocalypse. Because what else are they going to do?

Big Wolf on Campus, Tommy Dawkins/Merton Dingle:

This was one of my first ever fandoms and I still love it dearly. Merton's such a little weirdo, but embraces in a way that's not really shown often. And as much as he throws Tommy under the bus to the bad guy of the week, he literally threw himself in front of the medusa to stop it from hurting Tommy because he's an incredible guy. I love the show's weird humor and Tommy and Merton's affection for each other. I'd like to see something different with them? Merton being the aggressor in the relationship, Tommy being the one too late to confess his feelings, Merton having some sort of experience already. Hurt/comfort is basically this show's bag, and I'm up for all of it.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Patrick/Charlie Kelmeckis:

I don't know how many times I read this book as a teenager. I always wanted more about the doomed relationship between Patrick and Charlie. Charlie's got such an interesting voice and reasoning for the things he does. I'd like to see Patrick's view on the short time they messed around, how he feels when he realizes that Charlie just didn't know how to say no. Or the story retold, where instead of being in love with Sam from the start, Charlie was in love with Patrick. How would that change things? I prefer optimistic, if realistic, endings over just angst, but am excited for anything


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