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Hi! I'm super excited for whatever you have planned for me. I already love it. Here's some details about general and specific likes.

Likes: Happy endings, roadtrips, domestic scenes, kid fic, pining, hurt/comfort, negotiating/acting out/aftercare for BDSM, pwps, post-apocalypse worlds, mentoring, unequal partnerships, dubcon, magical realism

Dislikes: Character death, non-con, A/B/O, animal transformation, watersports, scat.

Hockey RPF Evgeni Malkin, Artemi Panarin, Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby

I love how dedicated each one of these players are and how they each wear star status differently. I love serious but still funny Jonny, emotional and steadfast Geno, sly and shy and prankster Artemi, awkward but fiercely loyal Sid. I'd be happy with any combination of the four.

Geno and Artemi bonding during the World Cup, each happy with the relationship that forms and nervous for how there country will receive them? Jonny and Artemi drunkenly hooking up after a win? Geno and Jonny coming together because the men they want don't want them? Jonny visiting Sid and Geno and becoming their third partner? All four of them getting together at the World Cup for reasons of plot?

James Bond Q, James Bond

Q is such a fascinating character and Craig brought so much to Bond in terms of backstory and emotional depth. I love that both of them are so fiercely independent yet both so clearly in need of a hug. I love that they come together with their flaws and manage to fit the edges together, even its rocky. I prefer that Q is as badass as Bond, because he really, really is.

I'm happy with whatever direction you'd like to take this. Bond and Q frantic because their lives aren't guaranteed, Bond and Q spending a day in, Q being the seducer of Bond for a change. Absolutely anything.

Dexter Dexter Morgan, Debra Morgan, Brian Moser

Dexter has such a strange view of family, and I don't see how he could have anything but. I'd like an exploration of what family- parents and siblings and his wife and children- means to him, how it's become twisted. I'm open to incest with either sibling, but am perfectly happy with a gen piece of that's not your jam. I'd like to see what happened when Dexter ran off with Brian, what could have happened if Debra shared his dark passenger instead of being afraid of it, what happened when Dexter AND Debra ran off with Brian, living the lives of killers.

Thank you again and I can't wait to read it!


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