Oct. 2nd, 2017

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Hello writer! I am excited to see what you come up with!

Some general likes include friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, roadtrips, raising kids together, post-apocalyptic rebuilding, dom/sub relationships, possessive behavior, magical realism, canon divergence,

General dislikes include scat/watersports, death of main characters, werewolves, genderswap, career-ending injuries, infidelity, unhappy endings. If one or more of the characters has a real life significant other, I would prefer they're either not included at all or in on their partner being with someone else.

Specifics grouped roughly by character:

Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin

My OTP by far. I'm not going to lie, the fic I want most in the world is the fic set during the first Canada/Soviet Union games. There was a 30 in 30 about those games told from the POV of the Russian team, and it was gut wrenching. I want Geno in the Russian housing, forced to be the Best For His Country and out through the terrible conditions and Sid, the heart of the game, who is displeased with his team's brutal gameplay against the team that can really match them in skill, if only they'd actually play the game right. If you're not down with researching Soviet Russia, I am also here for all the baby raising stories, all the overcoming language/culture barriers stories, all the old married stories. I've read them pining a billion times. If they're not Soviet versus Canada, I want them already living their happily ever after. They deserve it. You know what else I'm here for? Sid domming the hell out of Geno. Do I love a good story where Sid is ~overcome with his ~need for all the dick? Yes, yes I do. But he's actually really good at knowing what people need, and I would love the story about how he takes care of Geno, how he hurts him to love him and how he puts him back together. Geno's got a lot of emotional baggage. Sid can help him sort it.

Olli Maatta/Evgeni Malkin

I am all about the fumbling cultural misunderstandings here. I would love the story of Olli's first year in the NHL and his honking big crush on Geno, who has shown him around Pittsburgh and helped fold him into the team properly, and is just generally a Really Nice Guy who is also Hot. I am also not opposed to drunken hookup shenanigans, since we have recently discovered that the Maatta party don't stop until someone passes out.

Kris Letang/Olli Maatta

Defense and IR buddies! Tell me all about Olli's hero worship turned crush, or Tanger's minor freakout about being really attracted to the quiet Finnish kid, or about the time they were both out and discovered exactly how awesome the other one is by moping and watching a lot of not-hockey together. Were they together during Olli's cancer scare? Do they talk each other down from the negative thought spirals when they're out? I'm fine with all the injury talk, but I've got some personal reasons to want to avoid Tanger's stroke. Please don't mention that, if you could.

Marc-Andre Fleury/Kris Letang

Asshole French-Canadians in love! Apparently, Flower was always the guy to welcome the new guys to the team. How'd he welcome Kris in? Do they bond over pranks? Over missing the Q? I'm here for the getting-locked-in-a-small place trope. Prank gone wrong, they somehow end up locked inside a room, their phones in the locker room, with only each other for company for a few hours. But really, anything with jerks in love and I will be thrilled.

Sidney Crosby/Jonathan Toews

Captain and Captain Canada. Give me Sid and Jonny competing for and about EVERYTHING . I'm here for the ridiculous sex bets stories and for the camping in the middle of the Canadian wilderness stories and the secret hookups over the years that turn into an actual relationship stories. Basically, I want these two gotta-win-everything bros to figure out that sometimes they don't have to win. Or, alternatively, the Epic Battle for Dominance in bed stories. Those are good, too.

Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal

Jeff Skinner: tiny ice dancer. He's precious and adorable. And I love the Staals as an entity. How did all the children end up in the NHL? Magic. Jordy is a personal favorite to show up and be a menace, if that's info you need. I really, really love the dynamic between the two of them. Eric, so used to being an older brother and a Captain (shut up, he's still the Cap) that he maybe misses the cues Jeff's sending his way, and Jeff, a fucking figure skater that laughs about everything and works hard to keep his place. My favorite thing for these two? Step-dad Jeff. Oh my God, give me all the things about Jeff learning how to raise a child, all the things about him and child ~bonding and Eric being weak to it. Give me Eric having age angst and Jeff not caring. Give me the fic where Eric's worried that his multiple children will scare Jeff off, and Jeff is willing to just let the kids pile on top of him and love them. You don't have to give me kid fic for this, but I really want kid fic for this.


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