Oct. 15th, 2018

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Hiiiiii Yuletide friend! I am so very excited to see what you make for me. I am one of those refresh at midnight people. Gimme your words nowwww.

My general likes:

My number one is established relationships. I love when my babies are in love and secure in their relationship. Gimmie some 3rd party/outside force that they have to overcome together as team and I am yours forever. Internal ~but does my partner ~really love me plotlines are boring.

Other likes: magical realism, post apocalyptic rebuilding, raising kids together, submissive/dominant relationships, codependency, possessive behavior, time loops/time travel, Victorian aus.


Rimming, size kink, competence kink, overstimulation, mpreg/fertilization/egg carrying, somnophilia, gangbangs, fisting, tentacles, dubious consent, overstimulation, edging.

Do not likes:

High school aus, werewolves, coffee shop aus, career ending injuries, break up/make up fics, relationship negotiations, infidelity, major character death, non-con.


Scat/watersports, feminization, vore.

Eddie Brock/Venom Symbiote

This is like. All my faves rolled into one. Canon xeno relationship. Endless potential for tentacle/mpreg, built in codependency and possessive behavior. Gimmie Eddie's first night with Venom. Gimmie Venom POV of exploring Eddie's weird human body. Gimmie overwhelmed Eddie- physical and emotional and everything- coming to love Venom. Give me it alllllll.

Doug Glatt/Xavier LaFlamme

We clearly know that Doug taught Xavier all about being a better person and teammate and friend, but what did Xavier teach Doug? Why does he care so much about that goofball goon, and how does that translate to him falling in love with that goofball goon? Does it change how he acts in the locker room or at the bar? Does it make him have Angry Questioning Feelings that Doug is there to support, but bad at understanding? How awkward is their first sex having? What, exactly, does Xavier have to do to be allowed to be big spoon for a change?

Breakfast Club
John Bender/Brian Johnson

I really love both characters. They're both broken in such complimentary ways, and I enjoy seeing that contrast between them. I also really like when writers deal with how having a homosexual relationship in the 80s was very different from having one now. I'm up for anything with them, with a particular fondness for getting together/having a secret relationship and the fallout of that/what they do when they graduate. As always, dealing with the aftermath of the apocalypse is also on the table. Because I'm easy.


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