Feb. 8th, 2016

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Thank you already for whatever you write! I'm excited to read it!

Some general likes: domesticity, post-apocalypse rebuilding, BDSM, dubcon, pining, relationship of convenience, kid fic, PWP, magical realism, slice of life, on and on. I love tropes, especially when they're played straight.

General dislikes: major character death, angst for angst's sake, scat/watersports, ooc characteristics when dealing with a romantic partner, villanizing canonical female relationships.

And some specifics about my requests:

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clint Barton/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

Oh, man, they're all so broken in different but similar ways. The thing I love best in MCU fic is the way they manage to pick each other up. They might not help in the right ways, but their hearts are in the right places. Whether you'd like to do this as two are together and they fold in the third, or if you'd like to write them all together already, or them getting together, I am happy all the way. I'm a big fan of Clint Barton, ultimate sub. JSYK. Domesticity, being bad asses together. Whatever, man. Just put them on my screen please.

Shameless (US), Lip Gallagher/Ian Gallagher

This is in fact my Shameless OTP. They're presented as super close, even when they fight. I love their relationship and how easily they slot together, even with their differing ideas. I'd love to see them together in the fallout of Mickey, or a divergence in canon where they get together after/during Kash, or anything really. Does Lip have incest guilt? Does Ian? Does it fall into the general "we're fucked, so it doesn't matter what we do anyway?" mentality? I don't know. Tell me!

Criminal Minds, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

Spencer is one of my favorite characters in any canon. He's intelligent and vulnerable, but he can still kick ass with the rest of them. I'm really not a fan of making him into a woobie, so if you could avoid that I would appreciate it. I like the way Hotch shows his respect for Ried, and the way Ried looks up to him, and the trust between them. I also love absolutely anything involving the two of them interacting with Jack. Give me kid fic, or domestic fic, or "holy shit, you were hot dealing with that case" fic, or awkward getting together fic. All of them. Any of them. I will be so pleased.


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